Professional Certificate Courses in Nigeria

Professional courses are really valuable, it’s really cool for one to invest in professional certifications in Nigeria. Yeah, this is because you might get frustrated or knocked off when there is a job opportunity that may require a professional certificate you could have acquired within two to three months. A professional certificate can also promote your Curriculum Vitae and therefore increases your possibilities of getting jobs you applied for or your dream job.

Most fresh graduates don’t have much working experience as required by most companies or firms, therefore, professional courses are very vital and necessary for them as the professional certificate will help increase their chances of getting a job.

What is a Professional Course?

Professional courses are approved qualifications or requisites awarded by professional organizations within an appropriate relevant industry. These courses are customarily an add up to a degree or its commensurate qualification, though it does not apply in all cases. Professional courses center on developing one ability and experience to succeed in a particular profession.

Why Take a Professional Course?

Yeah, to build a career in a particular profession, it is highly recommended that you take a professional course. Below are the reasons you should consider taking a professional course and gain or obtain a professional certificate:

  1. It increases your job opportunities and potential earnings
  2. It adds up to your career and you will have better chances of getting lucrative jobs.
  3. You will definitely gain skills, recognition, and quality contact.

Certified Professional Courses in Nigeria

There are a lot of professional courses in Nigeria but below are the good professional courses in which their certificates are always required by most companies or firms:

* Project Management Professionals (PMP)

Project Management credentials acknowledge illustrated knowledge and skill in managing and governing project teams in delivering project results within the constraints of schedule, budget, and resources. Maintaining business case, configuration, suitability, and maximizing profits. The certifications are imperative and a well-renowned accredited program for project managers. Demanded and treasured the world over, it confirms the fact that one has the expertise, knowledge, and capability to direct and lead projects and capital-intensive business.

* Health Safety and Environment (HSE)

HSE Certificate in health and safety is a worldwide recognized health and safety qualification that focuses on international health and safety standards, priorities, and best-practice controlling hazards. It offers an outstanding grounding in the essentials of health and safety including quality and risk management.

* Human Resource Management (HRM)

Yeah, if you’re aspiring to advance into professions that require skills in employee recruitment and training or knowledge of work relations, organizational management, the Human Resources Management certificate program will interest you. It’s practical training in critical Human Resource functions, from payroll and benefits to recruitment and labor relations.

* Marketing Management

Every organization needs effective marketing to match its products, services, and experiences to customers, and maintain and increase its revenue. In this professional course, you would learn the keys to successful marketing, from using traditional and digital media channels to build brand awareness, also using consumer and behavioral research in order to better match your product to your customers’ wants and needs.

* Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria (ICAN)

You can become a professional accountant if you obtain a professional certificate from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). Most fiscal or/and monetary/financial Institutions prefers hiring applicant with ICAN certificate than those with just B.Sc or HND. Also, it will boost your Curriculum Vitae and definitely increases your chances of getting a job in any financial institution.

* Risk Management

Risk managers work in many roles, in all industries and across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors around the world. Also, risk professionals meet the demands of an increasingly complex and challenging business environment.

* Professional in Business Analysis (PBA)

Business analysis professionals work with stakeholders in determining conditions and/or requirements, forming project outputs, and driving intended business upshots.

* Industrial Process Instrumentation and Control

In an industrial situation where it is required to measure and control some phase of a process, it is often the application of the knowledge and the ability/ingenuity of the engineer or technician which is relied upon to solve the measurement and control problem. Therefore, obtaining certification in Industrial process instrumentation and control will be a mega boost to your Curriculum Vitae and also would increase your chances of getting a job in most companies in this field.

* Strategic Leadership And Management

This is the real and quick question: Do you have the skills to be an effective leader and manager in a global market? This course focuses on leadership and management competencies, along with the ways that various organizational cultures can impact project management. you’ll also look into team composition and communications, as well as the links between organizational change management and zeal.

* Upstream Field Operator Certification

This course provides, through comprehensive practical training, the required technical knowledge and skills to hold the position of field operator and to contribute to safe and efficient plant operations in upstream Oil & Gas facilities.

* Oil and Gas Field Operation Maintenance Management Certification

This certifying course aims to bring elements related to the implementation of a modern and adapted maintenance policy (such as the risk-based maintenance policy), to define a continuous improvement of reliability, to consider failure direct and indirect costs, to be able to manage maintenance contracts as well as unit shutdowns or turnarounds.

* Downstream Field Operator Certification

This course provides the knowledge and know-how for the specific field operator position and also contributes safe and efficient plant operations in downstream Oil & Gas facilities.

* Gas & Liquefied Natural Gas Economics Certification

The certifying training is part of a professional career move to a post that requires in-depth knowledge of the economic and contractual stakes of the Gas & Liquefied Natural Gas chain.

* Reservoir Characterization & Modeling Certification

This course provides a comprehensive, practical knowledge of reservoir characterization and modeling workflow, via hands-on activities and case studies with the aim of bridging the gap between static geological characterization and dynamic reservoir behavior.

* Pipeline Network Engineering and Operation Certification

This course aims to acquire comprehensive knowledge and practical know-how in gas and liquid hydrocarbons transport facilities, from technical to HSE and economics issues.

That’s all on Professional Certificate Courses in Nigeria. Trust me, this article would help.