Best Warlock Names to Choose From

Warlock; a person who is thought to be in league with the powers of darkness and to have supernatural knowledge and means of bewitching and harming others. If want to add some charm to your baby’s name; then this article is for you.

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Also, it’s very true that we are all fascinated by magic. Below is the list of good warlock names that you can give to your baby boy or baby girl.

Famous Warlock Names and their Meanings

Best Male Warlock Names

  1. Alatar: Meaning “after comer.”
  2. Atlantes: Atlantes is the plural form of Atlas, meaning “book of maps” or “bearer of the heavens.”
  3. Bellamy: Meaning “fine friend.”
  4. Blaze: Blaze is an English name meaning “to burn.” It can also be considered a short form of the French surname Blaise, meaning “stammer.”
  5. Gandalf: Gandalf comes from Old Norse meaning “elf wand.”
  6. Merlin: Merlin comes from Welsh meaning “from the sea fortress.”
  7. Ganondorf: Ganondorf derives from the Irish name, Ganon, meaning “descendant of the fair-haired man,” “fair-skinned,” “white,” or “fair.”
  8. Lucius: Meaning “light.” It’s an exotic Roman name, containing both religious and literary reverberation.
  9. Radagast: Meaning “tender of beasts.”
  10. Saruman: Meaning “man of skill and cunning.”

Best Female Warlock Names

  1. Allegra: It’s an Italian name meaning “joyful,” “happy,” or “lively.”
  2. Aurelia: Meaning “the golden one.”
  3. Bridget: Bridget originates from Ireland meaning “exalted one” or “strength.”
  4. Celeste: Celeste comes from Latin meaning “heavenly.”
  5. Leanne: Meaning “dweller by the wood.”
  6. Maeve: Meaning “Intoxicating.” An Irish warrior queen.
  7. Morgana: Meaning “circle or sea.”
  8. Sabrina: Meaning “white rose”
  9. Selma: Selma comes from Germany meaning “godly helmet.”
  10. Zatanna: Meaning “beautiful magic.”

Cool General Warlock Names

  1. Endora: Meaning “light.”
  2. Fiona: Meaning “fair.”
  3. Nancy: Meaning “grace.”
  4. Prue: Meaning “good judgment.”
  5. Balder: Meaning “Bearer of the light.”
  6. Dagmar: Meaning “Maid of the day.”
  7. Fergie: Meaning “Vigorous and rock.”
  8. Gabbor: Meaning “God’s bravest man.”
  9. Goddard Meaning “As strong as God.”
  10. Thedda: Meaning “Gift of God.”
  11. Yenna: Meaning “Gift of healing.”
  12. Zaviyar: Meaning “Lionheart and brave.”
  13. Ariella: Meaning “Lion of God.”
  14. Seamus: Meaning “supplanter.” A friend to Harry Potter.
  15. Samantha: Meaning “God heard.”
  16. Gwydion: It’s a name from Welsh mythology meaning “born of trees.”
  17. Max: It’s an independent name meaning “greatest.”
  18. Matilda: It’s the English variant of the German, Mathilda, meaning “battle-mighty.”
  19. Hyacinth: Meaning “blue larkspur” or “precious stone.”
  20. Morpheus: A Greek god of sleep and dreams “Shaper.”

Yeah, the warlock names above are really cool names for one to bear as a pet name, though some may sound scary it is nice.

That’s all on Warlock Names, trust me, this article would help.